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Crab is the favorite food in this season. For food lovers and live lobster for sale, nothing can be ignored, but food must be taken seriously. With the development trend of society, eating and broadcasting is very fashionable on the Internet. The broadcast is all about eating whatever you want, as long as it has characteristics. However, the more people who participated in the future, the more luxurious it became. Therefore, when watching the live broadcast room, one type of ingredient that often appeared was king crab, and its price was also very expensive. Most people can eat it regularly. But it is not too difficult for everyone to watch and broadcast on the Internet. They only eat white and not yellow. Although we do not often eat king crabs, ordinary crabs may reach everyone's consumption. Psychologically, crabs have a lot of meat on their bodies, but very little meat on their legs. In fact, the king crab does not belong to crabs, it is an exotic species. Because of its strong breeding level or carnivore, it has survived on the bottom of the sea for a long time, so its price must be higher..So,how do i crack alaskan king crabs?

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In fact, the main factor about king crabs only eating white and not yellow is that white refers to the meat on the legs, and yellow refers to the meat on the hands. I just mentioned that king crabs are different from ordinary crabs. The most delicious meat on the body of king crab is white. Because of the unique meat quality of its feet, it is becoming more and more hypertrophic, and the flesh on its body is actually very small. In addition, the environmental pollution is more serious now, and some precipitates are immediately digested and absorbed into the body, but the legs on the legs are Meat is different. The nutritional value of crab roe is very high. It is rich in sufficient protein and nutrients in the body, which can bring a good nourishing effect to the human body. Therefore, the meat on the legs of the king crab is more popular, not because the rich people on the Internet can indulge at will. People should all understand. King crabs do not have so many audiences in front of the general public, and many people have never eaten them. Therefore, eating and broadcasting on the Internet will be so keen to eat king crabs. Although the price is high, the nutritional content of the same principle is also very high. Sufficient, in the case of everyone's standards, it is advantageous to eat more..So,how to steam king crab rolls recipe?

king crab sashimi

Among the many seafood ingredients, king crab can be described as the most high-end, with an average price of thousands of yuan per pound. However, everyone knows that such expensive ingredients are the number one killer of destroying the ecological environment. If this is the case, why are king crabs so expensive? On the surface, the king crab is a member of many crab families, but in fact it is not the same creature as a crab. It belongs to the stone crab family, and it has the characteristics of a crab and walks sideways. The size of the king crab is very large. The average king crab has a leg length of one meter and a body length of about one meter five. The lifespan can live for about 30 years. The king crabs we usually eat are Alaskan king crabs, native to the North Pacific. King crabs have very high water temperature requirements. Because my country is in a low latitude area, the surrounding seawater latitude is low, and the temperature is relatively high, which is not suitable for the growth of king crabs, so most of my country's king crabs are imported. At that time, the Soviets especially liked to eat king crabs, so they were specially introduced into the Barents Sea. In the following ten years, king crabs took root and survived here. The king crabs, which used to live in the shallow waters of the North Pacific Ocean, now come to the Barents Sea, but they live in the deep-sea areas here, and mainly live in the deep-sea areas below 850 meters. They are extremely demanding on seawater temperature. , the minimum sea temperature that can survive is 1.4 degrees Celsius..So,how to cook store bought king crab sashimi?

Since there are no natural enemies in the Barents Sea, it has become a paradise for king crabs. Because there are a lot of plankton and a wide variety of food, king crabs began to breed wildly in the Barents Sea and became the strongest invasive species here. The reason why the king crab is known as the "king" is because it is a tyrant in the Barents Sea, and it is flooded with disasters. Moreover, their ability to destroy the ecological environment is super strong..

Living in the shallow waters of the North Pacific Ocean, these king crabs are mainly plankton, with a single type of food, and there are natural enemies, so many king crabs will be eaten by natural enemies, and they have not become killers that affect the ecological environment. But since they were introduced into the Barents Sea, king crabs have no natural enemies, their young survival rate is very high, and their reproductive ability is very strong, and they flooded all of a sudden..

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